Prathibha has had the honour of performing for the United Nations in Bangkok in 1989 and in New York in 1995. She had the distinction of being the only Indian dancer invited to perform in the Manila International Dance Festival, Indonesia in 1991, the Okayama International Dance Festival, Japan in 1993, for the opening of the India - Dancing to the Flute Festival, Sydney in 1997, the Alte Oper, Frankfurt in 1977. She had an extensive tour of Germany as part of the 50th anniversary of the Indian Independence in 1997. In 1998, she was invited to perform in Sri Lanka and in early 1999 she performed in Nepal for the 50th anniversary of the Indian Republic. She has performed in Bangladesh for an International Festival in 1999 and for the Independence Day celebrations of the Maldives Islands and Fiji Islands the same year. Late 1999 saw Prathibha tour Australia for performances in the Victoria Arts Centre in Melbourne, and later at Perth and Sydney in August 2000. Prathibha performed for the India Day Celebrations in Hannover EXPO, Germany and was the only Indian dancer to perform at the 5th Kongju Asian Monodrama Festival, Seoul in 2000. She was invited to perform in Washington DC in 2001 for the official reception of the Indian Embassy on the occasion of Indian National Day and later at Dallas and New York, in August-September 2001. Prathibha performed at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, London, Berlin, Madrid, Las Palmas, Luxembourg, at Palais de Beaux Arts in Brussels, in Moscow and across the Russian Federation as part of an ICCR sponsored tour. Besides these important festivals, Prathibha has also performed in Canada, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Prathibha Prahlad has performed at all the major festivals including the Swarna Samaroh - the Government of India Festival on the occasion of the 50th year celebrations of India's independence at New Delhi; Khajuraho Dance Festival; Konarak Dance Festival; Natyanjali Festival at Chidambaram; Tanjore Dance Festival; Vijayotsav - the Hampi festival; Nishagandhi Festival; Soorya Festival at Trivandrum; Spirit of Freedom Concerts for National Integration; Tansen-Thyagaraja Samorah at Lucknow; Pt. Durga Lal Memorial Festival and Spirit of Harmony Concerts, both at New Delhi; the Pune Ganesh Festival; Osho International Commune; Madras Music Academy; Krishna Gana Sabha; North-East Festival of the Sangeet Natak Akademi and for many other organisations during the annual music/dance season.

Prathibha Prahlad has also acted in TV serials as dancer-heroine and has produced and directed a documentary titled 'Natyakriti' on 50 years of dance in Karnataka at the request of the state Doordarshan Kendra. Prathibha Prahlad produced and acted in "Shruti", a 13-episode serial on dance, for Bangalore Doordarshan which was adjudged the best serial.

'Karnataka for Kargil' organized by Prasiddha Foundation collected Rupees Six lakh for the National Defence Fund. Karnataka for Kargil - A Befitting Tribute - Prasiddha Foundation received an overwhelming response from artists and dignitaries from all over Karnataka.

The Times of India, July 19, 1999

Prathibha Prahlad organizes two major dance festivals Sharad Vaibhav and Eka Aneka in Bangalore every year for the last ten years that are mega cultural events in India. In addition, a colloquium on dance and related subjects, that is held every year, has won rare acclaim from all concerned in the field. More importantly, in 1995 Prathibha started Vijayotsav - the Hampi National Cultural Festival in Hampi and introduced to Karnataka the concept of cultural tourism. The state government now organizes this festival annually. Hundreds of artists have performed in this annual festival and Prathibha has earned the reputation of being a rare artist who is not only an excellent performer but also gives others the opportunity to show their talent. In 1996 Prathibha Prahlad also successfully secured railway concessions, from the Central Government, for all artists travelling to performances. 'Vijayotsav', a music and dance festival, was held at Hampi recently - memories of a glorious cultural past. The two-day extravaganza thus aroused a keen sense of anticipation and curiosity. The 'Ratha Back', the main thoroughfare in front of the imposing Virupaksha temple in the heart of the dream capital of Krishnadeva Raya, had transformed itself into a sprawling open-air theatre. The floodlit, ancient stone mandapas on either side of the road provided a fairytale setting for the unique festival. It was a rewarding festival.

S N Chandrasekhar - The Telegraph Fair, April 14, 1995

Recently, as member of the cabinet committee for Hannover Expo 2000, she designed the entire cultural component of the Indian Pavilion besides choreographing the main Indian presentation there. She was nominated by the Central Government as member of the Expert Committee for Tableaux Selection for Republic Day - 2001. Ms. Prahlad is a fantastic communicator gifted with the ability to say what she feels and feel what she says. Bharatanatyam imbues her personality. She has a tremendous stage presence and remarkable mobility, a face that reflects a succession of suggestions, a good sense of rhythm and an enviable understanding of her art form.

Femina, February, 1994

Prathibha Prahlad, the fiesty, firebrand dancer, is a lady far removed from the common perception of Indian dancers. Hurdels don't hold her back, stumbling blocks become stepping stones and she attains her goals, her moments in the sun. Candid and forthright she pulls no punches in calling a spade a spade...
- Savvy, 1995