Articles Published

Papers and Articles Published :

  • Presented a paper on 'The Use of Television as a Medium of Instruction in Primary and Middle schools' at the NCERT seminar in Bangalore in 1990 on 'The Need to Introduce Dance Education in Schools'.
  • Presented a paper on 'Classical Dance Tradition - Need for Change' at the seminar organized by Abhinayasudha in Madras.
  • Presented a paper on 'Classical Arts: Truth, Cognition and Change' in Dhvanyalokha, Mysore, at the seminar 'What have the Arts in Common' organized by the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts.
  • Wrote a paper for the Anamika Trust, Calcutta, for their publication 'RASA in India Arts', on 'Television and Classical Dance'.

Articles published in many leading newspapers - a few prominent ones are :

  • Whine and Dance in the USA, - Illusions and delusions, Deccan Herald, 1989
  • The Feminist Nayika, The Times of India, 1995
  • The Third Eye, The Times of India, 1995
  • Mushrooming Dance Schools, The Times of India, 1996
  • Television and Classical Dance, RASA, Indian Performing Arts, 1996
  • Why I don't want to be judged by you, Asian Age, 1997
  • Bharatanatyam - Retrospect and Prospect, Deccan Herald, 1999
  • From dancer Mystique to dance Future, First City, 2001
  • Surviving Cultural Fascism, Sruti magazine, 2001