"Prathibha Prahlad be-speaks a multifaceted personality and the right combination of beauty and brains………..This Bharatanatyam exponent who's done it all- from mass communications to choreography",

- Blitz

"Prathibha gives a superlative performance in this year's Tansen-Tyagaraja Festival in Lucknow"

- Susheela Misra, - The Hindu, New Delhi

"Feats of Feet-Prathibha's dance is best described as an experience of dynamic beauty",

- Dr. Madhu Upadyay profiles Prathibha Prahlad, - The Economic Times

"Prathibha matched exquisite perfection of line and perfectly held poses with taut footwork.She wove delicate filigree webs of emotion in each song,each vision of love, from the sensual to the divine, into her dance"

- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, - The Hindustan Times

"Prathibha, a dancer par excellence presented an enchanting vision of the ancient dance art of Bharatanatyam" in the Swarna Samaroh Festival organized by the SNA"

- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, - The Hindusthan Times

"An Expression of Expressions" - She brought alive Bha, ra, ta i.e. Bhava, Raaga amd Taala with the Naytam, i.e. the combination of dance and acting. She definitely proved Sangeetam Natakam Sadyah Parmananddayakam,

- Wrote Sarita Koushik in The Hitavada, Nagpur

"Prathibha Prahlad-an arresting dancer"

- Writes Shanta Serbjeet Singh, - The Hindustan Times

"With her gazelle-like fleet footed stage coverage, unerring rhythmic footwork and her highly lauded "abhinaya", she won over the audience with the very opening item"

- The Hindu, New Delhi (Susheela Misra)

"Watching Prathibha's punctilious performance, one was struck by the quiet, quintessential quality of classicism that characterized her dance-One recalled Rukmini Devi's words-Bharatanatyam is an art that gives spiritual beauty to the flesh and lifts one from temporal of eternal values".

- Indian Express, New Delhi.

"One cannot but land Prathibha for the sterling background work that forms the basis of the production. In terms of concept and choreography one found a becoming depth and clarity. Moreover the choice of lyrical passages adapted endow the ballet with a deal of comprehensiveness. Sringara, Shuchi, Ujjwala is a masterly treatment of a delicate topic. Those who tend to ignore the 'Sringara' must pick up a leaf or two out of Prathibha's book…"

- Subbudu in the Statesman

"Prathibha Prahlad's newest creation Sringara Shuchi Ujjwala has a Spectacular sweep, romantic grandees, musical fervor and n richness. The starkness of Prathibha's choreography was as sophisticated as it infinitely compelling. Indeed Sringara… has all the virtues that make for a t theater and is worth going miles to see."

- S N Chandrashekar, - Indian Express, B'lore

"…The most appealing item was the one specially choreograpd by Prathibha for this festival. It was a group item based on the popular Khayal in Raga Darbari. All the three shishyas whom Prathibha has brought with her danced with ease and precision is rhythmic footwork and sense of joy…"

- Susheela Misra in the Hindu, New Delhi

"In a recent article, Prathibha tries to lock horns with this vexatious questions of reconciling the modern, the very savvy, the very emancipated person that she is with thence' that she is dancing…."

- Hindustan Times. (S S Singh)

"Ms.Prahlad is a fantastic communicator gifted with the ability to say what she feels and feel what she says. Bharatanatyam imbues her personality. She has a tremendous stage presence and remarkable mobility, a face that reflects a succession of suggestions, a good sense of rhythm and an enviable understanding of the art form"

- Femina, Feb.

"One of the most articulate dancers to have emerged in the recent years, Prathibha speaks and writes with passionate feeling on the subject closest to her heart"

- June Gaur in a Mysore fortnightly,

"Prathibha Prahlad, the feisty, firebrand dancer, is a lady far removed from the common perception of Indian dancers. Hurdles don't hold her back, stumbling blocks become stepping stones and she attains her goals, her moments in the sun. Candid and forthright she pulls no punches in calling a spade a spade…

- SavvyMagazine

"Prathibha Prahlad is a graceful and possibly the most accomplished dancer of the present generation…."

- V N Narayanan in an Editorial in Hindustran Times

"Prathibha's efforts preserves the heritage, avoids the vulgarity of govt. hand in culture, skirts the trappings of media hype and above all, it seeks to highlight the best of our culture to our audiences. It is a wonder that an accomplished artiste could turn herself into a cultural promoter relying on inspiration rather than lucre. For Prathibha the Vijayotsava is an annual labour of love…."

- V N Narayanan in Hindustan Times editorial.

"The idea of a festival at Hampi which was dropped altogether was picked up again by a committed dancer-Prathibha Prahlad, who realised its potential. With a band of dedicated youngsters, all volunteers helping Prasiddha, Prathibha has organised a festival Vijayotsav- for three successive years. Her triumph is all the more impressive because she has pulled it off in spite of lack of support from the Govt…."

- Ashish Khokar in Sruti

"The most remarkable aspect of the two day Vijayotsav was featuring of several art forms form different parts of India. Whereas Khajuraho Festival presents only classical dance, the Vijayotsav featured a balanced representation of music and dance…".

- The Pioneer, New Delhi ….Jitendra Pratap.

"At night as the Hampi festival unfolds, there is a special sense of joy. I feel elated because, it is thanks to the efforts of one person-Prathibha Prahlad- that all this has happened, against all odds.."

- A Khokar in First City Magazine, New Delhi.

"Her dance an effulgence of both the mind and matter, Prathibha presented an enchanting vision of the ancient dance art of Bharatanatyam. The acme of the evening, however, created on the melodious strain of "Krishna Ni Begane Baaro" was Prathibha's first-rate profile of Vatsalya Rasa.

- The Hindustan Times

"Prathibha Prahlad. The Samaroh saw the best yet of this young dancer with an ability to make the most complex of Bharatanatyam items seem light and fun. Balancing abhinaya with dynamic footwork Prathibha was in full form at the Samaroh. Her delineation of the Dasara Kriti, Krishana Ni Begane Baaro was delicately etched with the many shades of vatsalyabhava.

- The Pioneer

"Abhinaya cannot really be taught, it has to come from within. Either it is there or it is not. Prathibha Prahlad joins the ranks of such of those dancers whose example can inspire future adherents of the art."

- The Sunday Times of India, New Delhi

"It was a sheer delight to watch the noted Bharatanatyam danseuse, Prathibha Prahlad, performing. She reached the heights with Purandaradasa's Jagadodharana in Hindustani Kapi and the concluding number of Annamacharya, Vande Vishnum."

- The Pioneer March 27, 1997.

"Prathibha's performance was Grace personified",Osho's Birthday celebrations,

- Maharashtra Herald, Pune, 7th December 1998

"Oh………so Nice !!!- Shovana Narayan matched steps with Prathibha Prahlad at the Osho commune's Gautama the Buddha Auditorium,

- Mid-day, Pune, 10th December 1998

"If Indian classical forms refuse to fade away with passage of time credit goes not only to the inherent strength and resilience of these forms but artists like Prathibha.Prathibha Prahlad's brilliant performance,

- Mathrubhumi, August 2nd, Trissur, 1999

"The Blushing Nayika revisited" – Her Natya and abhinaya were flawless, though a touch of flexibility would enhance the visual impact.

- The Times of India , Bangalore, 5th September, 1999

"There was a high quality presentation of traditional repertoire of Bharatanatyam by Prathibha Prahlad at the India International Trade Fair at Shakuntalam theatre,

- New Delhi, Dr.Sunil Kothari, 1999

"Prathibha Prahlad…….in top form", Prathibha Prahlad's Bharatanatyam performance was an example of a committed dancer .Prathibha's abginaya always very communicative, was at its best in the Varnam in Kamas, 'Saame Nee Rammanave'. The dancer excelled in portraying the nayika's own feelings of sringar.

- Leela Venkataram, The Hindu, New Delhi, 1999

"The Jugalbandi by Prathibha Prahlad-Shovana Narayan enthralled the audience creating a magical night , at the Rail Nilayam Nrithya Utsav,

- Deccan Chronicle,

"Prathibha-Shovana regaled the audience with their Kuchipudi and Kathak Jugalbandhi ,with the unique blend of nimble feet,combined with lilting grace,at the Rail Nilayam Nrithya Utsav",

- Indian Express, Hyderabad,

"Invigorating performance by Prathibha Prahlad at the French Embassy",

- Delhi Times, TOI,

"Interesting adavu patterns and brilliant choreography were the best of the evening done with an emotional expressiveness that touched hearts",V.R.Devika, on Prathibha's performance at the Music Academy,

- The Hindu, Chennai

"Inspired dancing" – Prathibha Prahlad's recital was inspired. The dancer was in full form and able to lose herself totally in the rendition. Prathibha brought out with clarity, the context being communicated fully in the process – one of the hall marks of good abhinaya.

- Times of India, Chandigarh

"A firebrand artist". A vivacious modern women, a great communicator, a classical dancer. Prathibha Prahlad is a non-conformist who chose to pursue the traditional art of Bharatanatyam. Forthright and confident, media savvy Prathibha has changed the conventional image of a classical dancer – who usually was seen as someone married to the form or art she pursued, who had no claim to her own persona..

With Prathibha it is different, it is difficult to decide what gives her more fame. Her bohemian lifestyle, or her attitude of perfection to art.

Demystifying the artist Prathibha with her honest acceptance of vulnerabilities, relationships seeking protection, motherhood out of wedlock, and by exposing the dark corners of a much glorified guru-shishya parampara, she admits, each artist contributes in furthering the line of art, howsoever insignificant he or she may be. Her efforts in bringing extreme polarities of different cultures to a common platform at her Prasiddha Foundation in Bangalore have been greatly appreciated by the pundits of different dance forms.

She has given contemporary interpretations of traditional texts, "Call of the Flue" is an interpretation of Krishna as a post-independence Indian statesman who gives up Radha, the village class, signifying village India. With the Idealist in him dead, Krishna cannot play the flute, a metaphor for harmony.

- Chandy Times, Chandigarh,

"Prathibha's brilliant Bharatanatyam performance demonstrated that the line dividing traditional and contemporary is thin indeed. The choreography was fresh and highly individualistic. The exuberance of the attractive artist perfectly manifested the playful gestures of estranged divine lovers. It would not have mattered how long she danced because one was so caught in her lyrical movement that time simply froze…. the viewers fell in love with the graceful style.

- HT, Chandigarh

"New wine in old bottles" – The programme, Adhyatama, by Prathibha Prahlad and Raja Reddy, brought a synergy of a new kind to Raja's Kuchipudi and Prathibha's Bharatnatyam. It was the duet between Raja and Prathibha, the opening combination of Prathibha's dynamic Jathis and the fastpaced footwork and freezes of Raja that the full house had come to witness.

- Hindustan Times, New Delhi

"The Beat Of The Drum" – Shabda Rupa, a powerful presentation by renowned dancers Prathibha Prahlad (Bharatanatyam) and Swapnasundari (Kuchipudi). The emphasis was on the rhythmic aspect of the dance, of course. Prathibha and Swapna danced inspiredly and with great involvement. With swara improvisations that flowed like a river in spate, the experience was exhilarating.

"Ritu Samhar" – an interesting presentation of four styles in conjunction – Bharatanatyam, Mohini Attam, Kathak and Odissi, with well-known dancers- Prathibha Prahlad, Bharati Shivaji, Shovana Narayan and Ranjana Gauhar – as the performers. The mellifluous music set the tone for a serene and intellectually satisfying experience.

- Sruthi, February

Prathibha Prahlad enthralled the audience.

- The New Indian Express, Hyderabad

Prathibha Prahlad held the audience spellbound.

- The Hindu, Hyderabad