"Rebel dancer revels in her image".Neena Gopal,

- Emirates, Dubai

"Prathibha's mastery of Bharatanatyam is characterized by sheer energy on stage, coupled with a crispness and an articulated geometry",

- Khaleej Times, Dubai

"When Prathibha began her recital, the ambience that bathed the audience was that of an ethereal quality where connoisseur and the laymen alike were transported into another world"

- Yarra Valley Guardian Mail, Australia

"There is a message in Prathibha Prahlad's expression",

- Winsen Dienstag, 14th October, Germany

"A dazzling performance by India's renowned Bharatanatyam exponent – Prathibha Prahlad",

- Sunday Island, Sri Lanka

"Prathibha's perfect execution of the dance forms and her singularly vivacious style of dance has earned her rave reviews.",

- Weekend Express, Sri Lanka

"……..possibly the most accomplished dancer of the present generation.",

- Vira Kesari, Sri Lanka

"Exhilarating performance by Indian Classical dancer-Prathibha Prahlad",

- Sunday Leader, 6th September , Sri Lanka

"India's accomplished and dazzling dansuese,Prathibha Prahlad presented Bharatanatyam recitals and lecture Demonstrations at the BMICH auditorium",

- The Sunday Observer, Colombo, Sri Lanka

"The luminosity of Prathibha's stage presence are beyond words",

- Punar jagriti, Nepal

"An outstanding performance by Prathibha Prahlad in Capital was a feast to the eyes",

- Karmayog, Nepal

"A unique performance",

- Sandhya Times, Nepal

"Prathibha Prahlad is a brand name in itself",

- Naya Shakthi, Nepal

"Renowned Indian artiste Prathibha in the Capital",

- The Explene, Nepal

"Indian Danseuse in Capital simply captivates",

- Rashtra Vani, Nepal

"Prathibha shows her talent" – When Prathibha began her recital with invocation to Ganesha, the ambiance that bathed the audience was that of an ethereal quality where connoisseurs and the laymen alike were transported into another world for two pure, unadulterated hours of overwhelming beauty and spirituality.

- The Rising Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Prathibha Prahlad, a noted classical dancer of India performed for a packed audience",

- Gorkhara Patra

"Indian dancer Prathibha Prahlad steals the show"- Prathibha Prahlad was truly divine-a goddess descended from the heavens.The dansuese par excellence,Prathibha transformed the lawns of the India House at the Indian Embassy into an Indramahal where a celestial apsara held the audience spell-bound,

- The Telegraph, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Prathibha Prahlad gave a sterling performance to mark the 50th Republic Day of India",

- The Pran Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Prathibha Prahlad- Born to dance" – her very presence on the stage made her a splendid communicator with her audience. Prathibha's whole body movements be it her head, the eyes, her facial expression, movement of her hands, fingers and limbs; all these expressed distinct devotional messages. She inspires faith, largely because she is inspired by it.

- The Independent

"It was a rare moment, for the first time Pokhara received such a type of performance that made the audience spellbound.",

- Himalayan Voice, Pokhara, Nepal

"The Nepalese audience who were fortunate to witness Prathibha Prahlad's phenomenal performance to mark the 50th Republic Day of India must thank the Indian Embassy for organizing the function",

- Spot Light, Nepal

"It was a sojourn to classical India" writes Ziaul Karim ,Dhaka, during Prathibha's tour of Bangladesh from the 9th March to 18th,1999, where she performed at the

- Indian Trade show.

"Prathibha Prahlad,famed Indian Dansuese enthralled the Dhaka audience with her vibrant Bharatanatyam performance."

- The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh