Prathibha's performances have been televised many a time both at home and abroad. She is featured in the award winning documentary on Belur titled Nectar in Stone. Prathibha has also acted in a couple of television series. She is the devadasi dancer in Nupur, a dance serial by Hema Malini. Prathibha is seen in the titular role in Shruti, a serial based on a dancer's life produced by Prasiddha Foundation. She has also acted in Jogi Anjappana Koli Kathe directed by M.S. Sathyu.

Prathibha Prahlad, a Top Grade artist of Karnataka has performed on the national programmes many times. She was awarded the junior fellowship at a very young age by the Department of Culture, Government of India to study the Devadasi system of dance that prevailed in north-Karnataka. She is now a senior fellow of the Department of Culture. Prathibha is a frequent contributor to the leading newspapers of India. Her articles such as 'Feminist Nayika', 'The Third Eye', 'Whither the Steps', 'Why I don't like to be judged by you', 'Whine and Dance in the USA.,' besides her dissertation on 'Treatment of Classical Dance in Indian Cinema' are widely acclaimed in academic circles for intelligent observation, keen perception and felicitous _expression.

One of the most articulate dancers to have emerged in the recent years, Prathibha speaks and writes with passionate feeling on the subject closest to her heart.
- June Gaur, Mysore Fortnightly

Papers and Articles Published :

  • Presented a paper on 'The Use of Television as a Medium of Instruction in Primary and Middle schools' at the NCERT seminar in Bangalore in 1990 on 'The Need to Introduce Dance Education in Schools'.
  • Presented a paper on 'Classical Dance Tradition - Need for Change' at the seminar organized by Abhinayasudha in Madras.
  • Presented a paper on 'Classical Arts: Truth, Cognition and Change' in Dhvanyalokha, Mysore, at the seminar 'What have the Arts in Common' organized by the Indira    Gandhi Centre for Arts.
  • Wrote a paper for the Anamika Trust, Calcutta, for their publication 'RASA in India Arts', on 'Television and Classical Dance'.

Articles published in many leading newspapers - a few prominent ones are :

  • The Feminist Nayika, The Times of India, 1995
  • The Third Eye, The Times of India, 1995
  • Mushrooming Dance Schools, The Times of India, 1996
  • Whine and Dance in the USA, - Illusions and delusions, Deccan Herald, 1989
  • Television and Classical Dance, RASA, Indian Performing Arts, 1996
  • Why I don't want to be judged by you, Asian Age, 1997
  • Bharatanatyam - Retrospect and Prospect, Deccan Herald, 1999
  • From dancer Mystique to dance Future, First City, 2001
  • Surviving Cultural Fascism, Sruti magazine, 2001