Prathibha Prahlad holds a Master's degree in Mass Communications and is now a research scholar. Her dissertation on the 'Treatment of Classical Dance in Indian Cinema', articles such as 'Feminist Nayika', 'The Third Eye', 'Whither the Steps' are widely acclaimed in the academic circles for intelligent observation, Keen perception and felicitous expression. -"One of the most articulate dancers to have emerged in recent years, Prathibha speaks and writes with passionate feeling on the subject closest to her heart". - June Gaur in a Mysore fortnightly - Prathibha Prahlad is a frequent invitee at seminars and conferences.

The most prominent being - International Conference on Communication & Youth Culture by the International Alliance for Communication through Culture (a California based organisation), Manila International Dance Festival, 1991 - (Paper - "Traditions and Transformations in Indian Classical Dance"), The N.C.E.R.T Seminar (Paper - 'The Use of Television as a Medium of Dance Instruction in Primary & Middle Schools') and a Seminar "What have the arts in common" organised by Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts and Dhvanyaloka - (Paper -'Classical Arts, Truth, Cognition & Change').